Top5ReviewSPOT Annual Marketing Spotlight Scholarship

spotlight top5reviewspot scholarship


The proliferation of the internet has created a need to stay in touch with digital marketing reality. Most physical and digital products have an online presence. Hence the usual method for marketing or lunching a product has evolved.

Our mission at Top5ReviewsSpot is to help consumers worldwide make better choices. In reality, we cannot achieve quantifiable success without measureable knowledge of digital or online marketing.

Outside the walls of your class, more decisions are going to come your way in which you will definitely need sound online marketing skill. Most of these decisions will determine what life will be outside school.

We understand the power of marketing, that’s why we feel the need to stimulate and support your choices for a marketing related career with a scholarship.

Provided you have spent at least a semester as a student of a college or university, you are eligible to benefit from this annual scholarship.

Spotlight Scholarship

This is the Top5ReviewSPOT Annual Marketing Spotlight Scholarship for college, undergraduates and postgraduate students.

Do you think you can make an impact on how consumers make choices, understand your target audience and develop an effective simple marketing strategy to promote any picked product?

spotlight top5reviewspot scholarship fundsThen you can be the winner of our: $1000 (1st prize) or $500 (2nd prize) Scholarship award.

This scholarship would be awarded annually each semester and is open to students of the following disciplines;

  • Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Communications
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Media and Broadcasting
  • Any Related Marketing Discipline

Why Marketing and Related Disciplines?

Our business is built on the core principles of marketing and we recognize the importance of marketing to every business. It is our belief that this scholarship will help participants develop the critical thinking needed as marketers.

This scholarship believes students in this disciplines need more than just classroom knowledge, but the adaptation to the business world.

Who is Eligible?

This scholarship is open to college student, undergraduates and postgraduate students that fulfill these requirements;

  • 18 years or older.
  • Be enrolled in an accredited university
  • Have spent at least a semester.
  • Must be studying in North America, Australia and Europe

How to Apply for the Top5ReviewSPOT Annual Marketing Spotlight Scholarship

  • Each participant is expected to:
  • Pick any random product – digital, online, etc (Startup products are recommended)
  • Identify the target audience or consumers
  • Identify and discuss the existing marketing strategy
  • Suggest and Discuss 4 Un-used Marketing Method
  • Advice on how to approach this

The content must not be less than 1500 words or more than 3000 words, with sources cited using hyperlinks.

Participants should be aware that their essay will be subjected to thorough plagiarism checks. Any form of plagiarism leads to outright disqualification.

How to Submit Your Application

Every submission must be made in .pdf file with your name_university as title of the file.

The content or proposal must be sent to scholarship(at) with the following important information

    1. Personal Details (Last Name, First Name, and Email)
    2. Full Name of School
    3. Discipline of Study
    4. Proof of Studentship (Very Important)

Deadline for Application

The deadline for application and sending of essay are as follows:

  • Summer Semester: April 15th
  • Winter Semester:    September 15th

Award and Notification of Winners

Our judges made up of our marketers will read and choose the best proposal. The winning entry will be determined based on grammar, correct identification of existing marketing strategy, unique marketing technique suggestion, content development, and finally recommended approach.

The winners will be published on the scholarship page of

Please note that entering for this scholarship gives us the right to publish your proposal on our marketing newsletter or blog – Your personal information would not be added

The award for the Summer Semester will be on or before May 15th and October 30th for the Winter Semester.


If you have any question, or further enquiry, send an email to scholarship(at)