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The 5 Best Free Music Apps for Android Devices

best free music app for android

In this digital age almost everyone has a smartphone or other mobile device. A large percentage of these individuals are often seen with ear buds in their ears as well. They are all just going about their days enjoying the sounds of their tunes, most of which are streaming or being accessed via a music app.  There are lot of …

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5 Best Pedometer App for Android Devices to Get You Moving

best pedometer app for android

Trying to find someone who will run with you can be hard at first. Your support seems to run away from you rather than run with you. Never fear you will do fine on your own. Just download one of the best pedometer app for android onto your phone. Grab some tunes while you’re there. That’s it, time to run. …

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5 Best Android Flashlight App that could save your life

Have you ever been in a situation where you need a flashlight but don’t have one? Maybe you were driving along a dark road and you got a flat tire, battery issues or there was a storm and power suddenly went off. There could be many reason; you name it! There are many android flashlight app on play store, but …

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