5 Best Pedometer App for Android Devices to Get You Moving

Last updated on March 26th, 2018 at 10:11 am

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best pedometer app for android

Trying to find someone who will run with you can be hard at first. Your support seems to run away from you rather than run with you.

Never fear you will do fine on your own. Just download one of the best pedometer apps for android onto your phone. Grab some tunes while you’re there. That’s it, time to run.  

Now check out these great apps. These are my favorite, and the best pedometer apps for Android devices that are available today.

 1, Walk With Map – My Walk

walk with map pedometer app

On the top spot for the best android pedometer apps is this versatile “Walk with Map” app. It has both a free version and a paid version for $2.99. With the free version, you get an app that is easy to use and understand.

It is everything you need in 1 app, from GPS to full maps of your routes. Want to do a 5 mile or 10-mile run? Just open your app, follow the steps and you are off.  

The sweet thing is that this app runs in the background while walking.  You can as such listen to music or multitask with your phone.

The “WALK WITH MAP” pedometer app is a great app. it is even hands-free so there is no need to pull your phone out while you are in the middle of your running routine. It also tells you your average speed, calories burnt, distance, and to top it a record of all your workout or exercises.

You are not online, don’t worry, this app can be used offline. I was surprised how much less energy the apps consume. Really well designed and the best pedometer app for android available.

The paid version will remove ads and helps the continued support of such great apps. No bad complaints and provides every feature. This is the best tools to track your fitness.

Download Walk With Map – Google App Store

2, Runtastic Pedometer App

Runtastic pedometer android app

The second spot for the best pedometer app for Android is the Runtastic Pedometer app.

It is available in a free version and also a paid one for $1.99. For that $1.99 you will receive extra sharing features. Also, you will get tracking options that will better assist your runs. There is also an integration option; so it is possible to keep record’s of your stats anywhere you run. The free version is amazing though! There are 5 walking activities that you can do.

This app challenges you to run or walk 10km steps every day. This great app will work everywhere as well. It can be in your purse pocket or gym bag and is still working for you. On the downside, this app cannot estimate how much calories you lost.

Runtastic app is a very convenient app. saves you the stress of carrying a pedometer.

Download Runstastic – Google App Store

3, Fitbit Pedometer App

fitbit android pedometer apps

On the third spot for the best android pedometer app is the Fitbit Free pedometer App. The Fitbit fitness suite will give you the full benefits that this app has to offer. All of the features in this fitness suite are free to use.

Fitbit helps you track your daily goals, log and measure calorie intake.  You can share, boast and compare your stats with your friends on social media.

There is an option for setting your goal. The moment you reach your goal, you get a teasing sound or vibration. One thing that set this app from others is the design (Nice dashboard with new impact features). The user interface is simply awesome.  If you have a bad eating habit this app would be of help.

It’s a good app but with few quirks. Sometimes it wrongly assigns food entered on a wrong day. In general, the Fitbit pedometer app is a simple free tool that will help you achieve the results you are after.

Download Fitbit – Google App Store

4, Noom Walk Pedometer App

noom walk pedometer android app

Noom Walk comes in at number 4 on our best pedometer apps for Android list. This app will track your steps all day long. Though working all day, it uses less power and will not drain your phone. It actually uses just 2% of your battery in a 24 hour period. It counts and logs your steps throughout the day. This way even when you are not running or walking as part of your fitness routine it keeps track of your steps.

On the downside though, the app counts almost all activity; like when you are driving. Just remember to shut off the pedometer when driving. It works great even in your pocket.

This app is simple, clear, intuitive, straightforward and with reasonable accuracy.

Download Noom Walk – Google App Store

5, Step Walk Pedometer App

StepWalk pedometer android app

The Step Walk pedometer app far exceeds our expectation. It is still walking strong at number 5 on our best pedometer apps list. This app pays attention to details by counting and adding things for you. This app will provide you with how long, far and fast you have gone plus it also tracks calorie intake. This app will not start to work until you have taken 10 steps in a row.

This is the most stable pedometer app, we tested. It is quite accurate but not perfect. One problem though is the battery usage. It eats a lot of battery power. This app could be competing at the top with little optimization in UI design, and power saving.

One unique function of this pedometer app is that it counts automatically. You don’t have to start and stop it every time to record or count. So no need to worry even if you forget, you still get readings for your activities.

Generally, these are a great, easy, and fun to use apps.

Download Step Walk – Google App Store

Any of these great apps will assist you in monitoring your steps and other things but you have to stick to your plan to get results. Good luck and be sure to use one of the best pedometer apps for Android listed here. You will not be wrong!

Have you been using any of this app? Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below or share your experience.

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